Nutrition & Weight Management

Does figuring out what to feed your pet have you feeling overwhelmed and confused?

Choosing your pet’s food is about much more than just figuring out what tastes best. The right diet can do everything from supporting a healthy immune system to providing better management of chronic medical conditions. So how can you know if your pet’s food measures up? What about weight? Are you confident that your companion isn’t carrying a few too many pounds?

With our nutritional counseling and weight management services, we can answer these questions and many more. More importantly, we can develop an individualized plan that will help your loved one maintain optimum health.

Nutritional Advice

To determine what food will bring out the best in your pet, we must first identify his or her unique needs. A lot goes into this decision, including your companion’s breed, activity level, health status and stage of life. For instance, the dietary needs of a new kitten will be vastly different from those of a senior dog. We must also take into consideration whether your pet has any special needs that could be managed through nutrition. For example, we can design a diet to help control your pet’s weight, or manage an existing medical condition to improve quality of life.

Weight Management

Just like humans, pets can suffer from obesity. Unfortunately, the consequences can be much worse for our animal friends. Too many pounds can lead to serious medical problems. If your loved one is a bit on the pudgy side, there’s no need to worry. We can get him or her back on track in no time! We’ll figure out what weight would be ideal for your particular pet and then develop a strategy to reach that goal. Whether it’s through calorie control, increased exercise or lifestyle changes, we’ll get your loved one fit and healthy once again.

It can be easy for a pet owner to become overwhelmed by the available selection of pet foods and the topic of weight control. The team at Collingswood Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care can help take some of the mystery out of these important components of your pet’s health care plan. Contact us today to get started!