• What makes a good vet? Is it someone who is knowledgeable? Is it having a team of experienced professionals? Is it working in a state-of-the-art facility? At Collingswood Veterinary Hospital, we feel that all of these things are very important. Yet, we also feel that none of them truly describes what it means to be a good vet. For us, quality care is about going the extra mile. It’s about connecting with our clients and bonding with our patients. It’s about making you and your pet feel as though you’re part of the family instead of just another appointment on the books. If you’re in the Collingswood,  Cherry Hill, Haddon Twp, Audubon, Haddonfield, Camden, Pennsauken, Gloucester City, and other surrounding areas, why not stop by and see us? We’d love to show you what we believe being a good vet is all about. Come in any time!

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